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cheap louis vuitton outlet 80% of foreign importers. Exhibitors of wine in the wine imports accounted for 95%, domestic Wine accounted for only 5%. Jia Yanping also pointed out that the preferences of people on imported wine and price requirements are different, the current 100-200 yuan of the most popular wine, the price is too low is not easy to accept. If You have more valuable information on alcohol, welcome to the first time the information sent to: streamwikiwine Encyclopedia of red wine, China 's leading wine new media, WeChat public: wikiwine. November 16, 2016 KEER, one of the leading jewelry brands in the country, is holding a grand new media series in Beijing to showcase a masterpiece that combines gold and pearls - Chiba X Han Geng Joint design jewelry. Mr. Li Xiling, Vice President And Executive Vice President of Chiba Jewelery, Mr. Zhang Kewei, Executive Vice President of Beijing Juntai Department Store, and Mr. Han Geng, Chiba Jewelry 'newest star and jewelry designer, jointly launched the new opening ceremony. louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store to try in more areas. So the face of the Chiba jewelry offer, he sees it as a new For women to design jewelry, first of all to find the ideal female model, talk about this, Han Geng Yan said: 'only his mother that gentle and independent image of the most elegant to touch him. In the eyes of Han Geng Like Audrey Hepburn-like mother has become the best source to open the design. In order to better reflect the feminine and strong, elegant and independent, Han Geng in the design of the Chiba X Han Geng joint design jewelry series, the use of gold And pearl material. Gold pure, pearl moist. Gold to create the stars, angular clear clear, more soft and elegant. This is like a woman, sometimes strong as iron, sometimes soft water, changing and multi-faceted. Of these two Chiba X Han Geng joint design jewelry, both the characteristics of both, so that the overall style of the series works skillfully smooth, elegant, light. The rich jewelry and emotional new jewelry series, then in Chiba jewelry director and vice president Of louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet 2016 -27 in Beijing-jun Department Different from the conference site, Chiba jewelry in Jun Tai exhibition to create a Han Geng design studio scene, the audience can see Han Geng in the design of jewelry used in tools, pigments and Work shirt, a true reduction of the source of inspiration and Han Geng creative space. Audience in the taste of Chiba jewelry infinite charm, but also to appreciate the identity of Han Geng as a designer in the work of serious and rigorous. This is the Chiba jewelry X Han Geng new cross-border joint series for the capital of the audience to bring a double space-time gorgeous experience. 2016 SkyCats double-eleven shopping festival to break the record of total transactions last year, the annual cat 'double eleven' has come to the eighth year, originally just Chinese friends joking 'Singles', has now become a global nature Shopping carnival, and in this year's 'Shopping Festival', the day cat once again hit a record amount of another transaction, including 6 minutes and 58 seconds more louis vuitton factory outlet